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  • Kyesook Shin has built her career background in IT and Consumer Goods. She started her career when she served as the HR Manager at Modus Media. She worked at AP Consulting and ESCO in search business Holding as a consultant.

    After she joined Nterway Partners in 2004, Shin proved her wealth of experiences as she flawlessly completed a number of large projects. Her current emphasis is on manufacturing, construction, and real estate. She prides herself in delivering satisfying services to clients regardless of the demands. In addition, she has a strong command of English.

    Construction, Engineering, Real Estate Development, Machinery, Steel, and Automobile
  • Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Sang Kyun Oh has been devoting himself in the major pharmaceutical companies such as Handok Pharm., Kyongbo Pharm., CJ Bioengineering, and the division in the area of QM and QA. In these companies he gained diverse experiences and knowledge in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Over-the-Counter Medications, Antibiotics, Biologicals, Anti-Cancer, and the like. In addition, his recent experiences include the HR/Administrative Manager at Boram and an affiliated company of LG Electronics.

    Oh prides himself of being a former ROTC officer, saying strength lies in his strong drive force stemming from responsibility and trust which are his most cherished values.

    Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Bio, Petroleum, Chemical, Energy, Environmental
  • Seungwon Seo worked as the HR/Labor Department Manager of Daewoo Electronic Components, where he brought out remarkable outcomes, such as winning the Korea Productivity Grand Prize in the Labor-Management Cooperation and being selected as the company of New Culture in Labor-Management by the Ministry of Labor. He also worked at Prochild Semiconductor Inc. as the HR Manager.

    He is highly trusted by many clients for his outstanding performance and abundant knowledge in the areas of HR, Machinery, and Heavy Industry.

    Plant, Energy, Chemical, Machinery, HR, Planning, R&D, and Engineer
  • Consultant Seong Hee Park is a representative consultant of pharmaceuticals, biology and chemistry field, and he plays an active part under the motto "talents are the future of the company ". Based on his broad perspectives and extensive experiences of pharmaceuticals, biology and chemistry industries, consultant Park recommends talents who can understand and share the vision of a company and its' culture.

    Consultant Park is a warm-hearted person who cherishes the relationship. He has the strength of being able to grasps the needs of the organization accurately through various projects that he experienced through 10 years of as a researcher, from overseas study and at CRO institution.

    After obtaining a master's degree and Ph.D. in neurobiology from Yonsei University, consultant Park did a postdoc at NIH/NINDS America. Through various experiences at bio-venture, CRO institution and running his own business, he accumulated experience of biology and medicine. mpany.
  • Prior to joining Nterway Partners, Jung, Don-hui consultant has fulfilled sales planning/strategy, overseas sales, new business, company culture, communication, PR, HRD, GWP tasks in petrochemistry and global resources/energy conglomerate.

    Consultant Jung believes in "Talent in organization, organization in talent", and considers talent who harmonizes with company culture from balanced perspectives of all. He thinks his main role is helping and supporting the candidate toadapt to new working environment because having a new recruit in company is a big challenge for both employee and employer.

    Strategy, Planning, Marketing, R&D, Human resource, New business, etc. in industry of Chemistry, Resources, Energy, Mechanic, and Steel
  • With 10 years of professional experiences in the pharmaceutical industry and promotion, she realized the relationship between the members' of the organization can create synergy effects. Based on her overall experiences, she can identify the clients' need and recommend the candidates to the right position.

    Especially with deep understanding of healthcare industry and network, Hye Won Yang special in recommending candidates for RA&QA, Sales, MKT positions of global medical appliance manufactures and pharmaceutical companies.

    Due to her recommendation of suitable candidates, she received positive feedbacks from both clients and candidates. Moreover, she has a wide range of human network because she keeps a good relationship with both clients and candidates. She also recommends candidates for Finance, SCM, PR positions.
  • "I respect your challenge. I will deliver the fruit of your challenge." A consultant, Gu cheol Jung, believes that "consulting is trusting" and grasp the client's need while pleasing the customer with correct and smart staff placement, create a win-win situation with candidates, and most importantly pus long-term business relationship first. He bid on large international l IPP, EPC projects and went onsite to see through Project Life Cycle and used this experience to grasp not just market trends, but also is conservative, and has great strengths in understanding construction through experience and can recommend a variety of candidates to different positions.

    He was in charge of product proposal and marketing for Middle Eastern IPP, EPC Electronic power plant at Samsung C&T, development project including orders, which posted sizeable earning, and article collaborations through field operations in the middle east which has given him a global sense of organizational lifestyles.

    Specialized in construction, heavy industry, plant, and machinery.